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Home Composting
There are many different ways to make a compost at home, we provided the best possible solution to control the waste at home and community level, if each one of us feel the responsibility for own garbage. We can reduce over 80% of daily waste in disposal when we convert kitchen garbage into compost and by separating dry waste, we can reduce 70% of plastic bags that were used for dust bins every single day in households.

Composting is far more than just free fertilizer for the garden. It’s a vital and necessary sustainability strategy for reducing waste, closing the nutrient cycle, and preventing air pollution that causes climate change.
Composting keeps food waste out of landfills, saves space in landfills, helps slow climate change caused by greenhouse gases in our atmosphere like Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide.

Composting is something everyone should adopt and engage in. It helps save the planet by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. At the same time, by composting, we can give back to the earth, as we can use our compost to fertilize our garden once it has been completed.
Rotary Twin Drum composting

Twin Drum composter 120 liters is the perfect product for faster and neater composting, it can deliver fast results in as little as three weeks with just a few turns making it an ideal solution for people to adopt. As earlier methods were taking more time and clumsy process with foul odour.

It helped in feed and harvest continuously. When one fills up, another drum takes over. On average one can produce 15 – 20Kg of compost every single month that can be used for home garden and plants. It depends on the quantity of the waste generated.
This system is affordable, acceptable, adoptable and sustainable model one can start the process of making compost from day one.

Cost: ₹8,000 All Inclusive
Offer Code: VChangeU for additional benefit on purchase

Vendor: Sagar.S - SPINFORM PLASTICS PVT. LTD.  Tel. 0240 - 2486476
Existing Compost Methods
As earlier methods were taking more time and clumsy process with foul odour.

Takes longer time to make compost, 2-4 Months.

Not enough air to decompose, too much water making it stink and longer time to compose.

Require additional addons like Microbes Powder to accelerate composting process.

Limited produce due to smaller capacity bins.
Community composting
Looking forward to implementing community-based door-to-door collection of wet waste from households every day and collecting dry and fallen leaves twice a week to process at our larger garbage2garden unit. All the households engaged in this project will be provided with compost processed from us at zero cost for their home garden and plants.
The cities and towns must have larger garbage2garden compost facilities to preserve the beauty and purity of our environment in a sustainable way.

An Initiative by VChangeU
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