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The main objective of VChangeU is to act as a catalyst in invigorating and rekindling the spirit of service in all citizens, bringing about local initiative and encouraging community participation in improving quality of life in a sustainable way
Vision: Happy and Healthy Living for All
Our area of expertise is to promote longevity of life through innovative and creative approaches. Our research addresses motivational processes involved in healthy living across the life span.

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Connecting with nature to understand the life of a plant to tree and sustaining them for a longer time has made us to explore the possibilities of growing healthy plants and trees through nutrient rich soil which led us to start this initiative.

Garbage2Garden initiative started in April 2019 after three-year study to address garbage issues at individual level and our products being used by volunteers and network of friends and have rated them well, we would like to now scale the solution to community level with sustainable model.

In India, we don’t find any environment friendly garbage treatment plants in any of the metro cities and other towns. It mostly ends up choking landfills, drains and rivers and flows into the sea where it is ingested by marine animals. It leaches into soil and water, contaminating the natural environment with poisonous dioxins.

Bringing any stringent strategic waste management prevention will be effective only when we individually feel the responsibility of making environment clean and understand the sustainability as way of life.

The World Needs You … Let the Change begin with You…
An Initiative by VChangeU
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